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Whatever you need

Flexibility and responsiveness are the hallmarks of Purolator’s approach to customer service. With a continuous focus on refining service delivery, checked against standards of quality and internal benchmarks, we’ve taken customer service to the next level. Along with our committed employees, our deep understanding of customer needs and on-the-ground decision-making, we have the flexibility to deliver what you need.

Wherever you are

As Canada’s largest courier, we have built Canada’s most extensive national network and supporting infrastructure. The advantages of this size and scale are available regionally, with more facilities in more regional centres than any other courier company in Canada. Nationally, provincially and regionally, Purolator delivers the same exceptional, value-added service and support, wherever you are.

Whatever it takes

Purolator’s strength as a company is built on the strength of our team – more than 12,500 employees – focused on delivering the right products, solutions and exceptional service. Our corporate culture encourages involvement, thrives on communication and empowers employees to find innovative, real-time solutions that improve everything we do.

Where business needs to be

Purolator delivers services and solutions critical to Canada’s busiest urban centres. From timely, dependable package delivery to integrated distribution solutions, Purolator has the size, experience and expertise to meet the sophisticated, high-volume demands of large urban centres and deliver competitive advantage.


We’re committed to the well being of the communities where we live and work. Our corporate charitable giving efforts focus on a single, yet vitally important national issue: hunger. Through our affiliation with Food Banks Canada, our resources are directed toward programs that help alleviate hunger, making an immediate and real difference in thousands of communities across Canada.


To be the leading provider of integrated distribution solutions to, from and within Canada